Summerland Oak Estate Winery wedding

Venue: Oak Estate Winery, Summerland BC

Event Coordination: Lavish Wedding Event planning, Summerland BC

Photography: yours truly

Catering: Salt and Brick

I'm always excited to meet my couples and wedding party and it's always interesting to learn who's related to who and all the interesting family dynamics. By the end of the day, I hopefully have put a few things together. I find quite often that the groomsmen have known each other since basically childhood, and I love hearing all the stories during the speeches. But the bride and her bridesmaids generally consist of some family and not such longtime friends. But regardless, the speeches from the wedding party members are quite entertaining. I find myself laughing right along, and I don't even know them... haha. The parent speeches always generate the tears. And the sentiments are quite endearing.

I'm mentioning the speeches here because this wedding really struck me in the speech department. The comments towards the bride and groom were so genuine and heartfelt. Such beautiful sentiments for each of them. I love working with couples that are kind, respectful and honest. I picked up on that right away working with each of them. And the wedding party was a blast too! It's great to have a wedding party that will dance, sing or just be silly on command, it makes my job easy. BTW... no chandelier was harmed during the shooting of this wedding. If we're not too strapped for time, I love to see a first look from the bridesmaids. The reaction from the girls is always quite animated, especially after a glass or two of champagne. The father/daughter first look was a tear jerker here. They have such a close bond.

Another thing I remember from this wedding is the temperature that day. It was HOT! But, I came prepared with my trusty misting bottle, and I must say, it got a full workout that day. I didn't hear one heat complaint from the bride, the groom or wedding party. They just went with it and trudged through the vineyard and smiled through the ceremony. The Okanagan summers are getting a little more unpredictable as far as weather, but this day was a typical hot summer day.

The choice of blue for the wedding colours was beautiful against the lake backdrop and the Lake House Villa theme colours. Just a beautiful wedding all around. Congratulations Scott and Jessica. All the best on your future together!