Naramata rainy wedding - Marin & Drew

A wedding photographers biggest worry is a windy, relentlessly rainy day. With this Naramata wedding, that wasn't totally the case, but we did get some rain on and off during the day. It didn't spoil or dampen the joy of this wedding party though. They were full of laughs and smiles and jokes. And we were totally prepared for whatever came our way.

The wedding location is none other than the beautiful Naramata Heritage Inn and Spa This is such a gorgeous location and perfect for a Naramata destination wedding. This couple with their wedding party and family came from Calgary and were thrilled to take in the scenic beauty surrounding Naramata and Penticton. We also located a vintage property with overgrown vines that provided some shelter from the impending downpour. We selected a few other random locations for the wedding party portraits. One being Red Rooster Winery, Indian Rock clay cliffs and the little town of Naramata itself. And what's a wedding without a local peacock sighting. The skies cleared just in time for the outdoor reception at the Heritage Inn and a good time was had by all with plenty of dancing and celebrating. So long Naramata, til the next time!

Naramata Heritage Inn and Spa wedding

Naramata heritage inn

Naramata heritage inn and spa wedding photographer
Naramata heritage inn and spa wedding photographer