Summerland Airstream studio portrait

Edna the Summerland Airstream is finally complete and I'm so excited to finally photograph some portraits inside. I particularly love doing portraits for the simple fact that I can dote and concentrate totally on my one subject without too many distractions. I'm easily distracted so this is important for me... haha. I'm loving the flow and light airy feel of the Airstream as the windows are situated in the perfect areas for optimum even light throughout the day, which gives my clients a beautiful even complexion. I've included some of the Airstream details to give a homey, cozy feel.

Now back to my subject, MacKenna, she is such a pleasure to photograph. Some clients are uneasy in front of the camera and some love being photographed and MacKenna is the latter. This is the third time that I've taken her photos and she's always so much fun to photograph. And this time she brought her little furry friend to tow. And she was happy to be photographed too. I'd say it was worth the trip out to Summerland for this Edna the Airstream Summerland portrait photography session.