kelowna winter wedding - Zach & Carlee

I'm always obsessing about the weather on wedding days, and this day was no different. With a fresh snowfall blanketing the Sunset Ranch Golf Course for this Kelowna wedding, it was a bit of a nail biter. Whether the clouds would part and bring in the full blazing sun on the bright snow. Well, fortunately that didn't happen! Don't get me wrong, I love the beautiful glow of the sun, but when there is virtually no shade in site and the snow was starting to melt the warmer temperatures, the sun was not welcome on this day. My next challenge was how to bring a very full, grey day to life. Never a dull moment as a wedding photographer.

This wedding reminded me of a true fairytale. When I first got a glimpse of Carlees exquisite dress, with layer after layer of gorgeous blush goodness, I think I giggled a little bit. Carlees' wedding dress is nothing short of stunning! Also the wedding details were so well thought out and perfectly coordinated! I love that Carlee opted for a blush dress, rather than the traditional white. It was a great choice given that white would have faded into the Kelowna snow. The blush gave just the right delicate pop that set off the fairytale layers of the gown. But, enough of the dress, how can you tell I'm obsessed.

Then there was the wedding party. What a fun bunch! We had so many laughs and they just kept me in stitches the whole day. I even had a personal assistant that Carlee provided. Thanks for all your help CC. It was a full day but the time went quickly and before we knew it, we were driving back home from kelowna, eager to download the files and start making beautiful memories for the new bride and groom. Congratulations Zach and Carlee, all the best to your new future together!

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