introducing your own personal wedding magazine

Everyone wants a keepsake from your special day, and a personalized wedding magazine is the perfect way to remember every moment and show off those gorgeous wedding photos.

magazine layout samples

Below are a few sample layouts of the magazine and the basic look of the magazine.

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Perfect Binding - high end look

Perfect bound publications are square at the spine and use glue to hold the pages, like a paperback book. Perfect Binding gives your publications a more professional feel, and can accommodate a much higher page count. Magazine dimensions are approx. 8.5"x 11".

High quality printing and thicker pages give the magazine an impressive, high end look and finish.

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The FAQ's below may be helpful


Why choose a personalized wedding magazine?

Your personalized wedding magazines are a great give-away gift, and friends and family could request copies for themselves that would be added to your minimum order total.

How many pages is the magazine?

The basic magazine will have 70 pages. Any additional pages will have additional fees.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum order is 5 magazines. You can request as many as you like over the minimum.

One idea to meet the minimum order is to invite friends, wedding party members and family to request copies for themselves. That way the cost can be distributed so that the magazines are cost effective for everyone, including yourselves.

e.g. each parent may want 2 copies, each groomsman and brides maid may want a copy. You may want a few copies. Now you qualify for the minimum and everyone only pays for the copies they personally requested.
Simply tally the total of magazines requested and place an order.

What is the cost?

5-9 copies = $80ea.
10-19 copies = $65ea.
20-29 copies = $55ea.
In other words, the greater the volume, the less the cost per magazine.

Prices include all taxes.
Shipping is extra.

Who may want a magazine?

Basically everyone that was present at your wedding (family, friends, wedding party) and those who wish they could have been there.

Why a magazine verses a wedding album?

Don't get me wrong. I love a professionally curated wedding album, but the cost of one is at times too high to justify for a couple. they can run well over $1000 for just one book.

On the other hand, wedding magazines offer many more pages, more photos and a personalized story line that recaps your unique wedding experience. The cost of a magazine is $50ea, so as a bride and groom perhaps you would like several copies for yourself which is more cost effective than just one wedding album.

Family members, friends and wedding party members love finding themselves within the pages of the magazine and are happy to order copies for themselves. The cost is affordable for everyone. The minimum order of 20 adds up very quickly.

How do I get access to your wedding photos?

Generally, I would access your wedding gallery if your photos were delivered to you via online gallery.

How do I get an accurate story line of your unique day?

Once I get an order for magazines, I send out a questionnaire that includes questions regarding vendors used, the venue and names of family members, wedding party members and any special mentions that you would like included in the magazine.
You get final approval before the magazine goes to print.

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