Wedding Venue: Oak Estate Winery, Summerland BC

Catering: Salt and Brick

Wedding Coordination: Modrn Company

Make-up: Beauty and the Blade

Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this Summerland, Oak Estate Winery wedding. It starts out in the beautiful, on site Villa where the wedding party vacationed for the duration of the wedding. I love the convenience of having access to the whole wedding party in one location, and the lighting in the Villa is perfect for light and airy photos. The man cave in the winery venue is the perfect spot for the guys to hang out while the girls get ready in the Villa.

Lets first talk about the dress. A wow factor and then some. I picked it up to hang for photos and I swear it weighed 10 pounds. Layers upon layers of gorgeous tulle and beading, and the whole wedding party looked like they belonged in a fashion magazine. I really love when a wedding party steps up for the occasion. But don't get me wrong, there's also a place for a more casual approach. Oak Estate Winery hosted the ceremony and reception, but we stepped out for an hour or so with the wedding party to a Summerland Estate property for some fun wedding party portraits.

This wedding came together without a hitch and it was so pleasant to photograph. The dinner and appetizers were exquisite and the decor was elegant yet simple. Paulina, the bride, was also very hands on with organizing every little detail, and it certainly paid off!

Can't wait to be back at Oak Estate to meet the next amazing couple and capture their special wedding day.